Crooked Lake Horse Rehoming

Horse Re-Home Operation

What sets us apart as a Horse Re-Home Farm? We are NOT a “Horse Rescue” which means we are not a sanctuary for equine in need of rehabilitation.
As a Horse Re-Home Operation, we offer help by taking in horses and ponies whose owners can no longer care for their animals. These horses simply need a stepping stone to their forever homes.
Our horses come with current shots, coggins, vet check, teeth floating, farrier care and are completely sound. Which means, you can have peace of mind placing 1 of our horses in your pasture and not have to worry about sickness, big vet bills / maintenance, quarantine, etc.
We have terms that must be agreed upon for our adoptions including farm checks. All adoption fees go toward feed, veterinary, farrier, dental care, training, transport, etc.
We provide whatever each horse needs during their time on our farm. If you are interested in seeing our horses, send a private message to us including your skill level, intentions and we will help match you with a horse or pony that would be safe for you and meet your needs.
We are a private farm – Appointment Only

Horses Re-Homed